A single traffic monitoring tool for efficient results

The LMT traffic monitoring tool lets you tackle the most common traffic violations for the best price and without construction.

10+ features for diverse monitoring opportunities

The device contains over 10 different features used to provide smart, efficient, and precise traffic monitoring. Take a look at how those features are combined for each application:

  • Multiple lane monitoring
  • Single lane monitoring
  • Intersection monitoring
  • Multiple detection zones in one video stream
  • Object detection & movement tracking
  • Traffic light detection with AI & computer vision
  • Vehicle front number plate detection
  • Vehicle rear number plate detection
  • Emergency vehicle exceptions
  • Bus, taxi or other exceptions
  • Detailed information on enforcement

One device for multiple applications

With one device you can monitor, track, and enforce three common traffic aspects.

Globally recognized with 31 years of experience

We are technology developers trusted by various governmental organizations to supply innovative solutions using existing, mobile network infrastructure.

LMT is an experienced European mobile operator, mobile innovator, and system integrator. Over 1000 employees, 1.3 million customers, and a 31-year track record of voice / data / TV delivery. Fully ISO certified.

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